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  • 3D models for Simulators
  • 3D models for videogames
  • 3D models for App's
  • 3D models for Air Flow
  • 3D models to order
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • 3D models for events
  • Sale of 3D models
  • Graphic design
  • Models for Vizrt

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Since 2008, when the company was founded, Genius&Gerry have specialized more and more in the creation of sports venues and focused on the world of sports. Anyway, everything started as a hobby until it has been transformed into a professional job. It has been 9 years since everything began and every day we are more eager to continue moving towards a better future in the 3D sector.


Since our foundation, we have been able to work successfully with the best companies in the simulator sector and with companies that manage all kinds of events and shows. Thanks to each of them, we can be a little better each day.